Men I Trust / Tailwhip
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01. Tailwhip
02. I Hope to Be Around
03. You Deserve This
04. Plain View
05. Lauren
06. Humming Man
07. Slap Pie
08. Morse Code (feat. Odile & Geoffroy)
09. Break For Lovers (feat. Helena)
10. Quiet (feat. Odile)
11. Dazed (feat. Gabrielle & Geoffroy)
12. Endless Strive (feat. Thomas)
13. Stay True (feat. Helena)

Shipping Outside Japan

If you live outside Japan and would like to purchase the CD, please send us a message at the address below and tell us your name, mailing address, and how many CD's you would like to purchase. We will then get back to you with all the info, including method of payment (PAYPAL). Thank you !

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